Toyota | Yaris iA integrated campaign
Project Details

Client: Toyota

agency: Saatchi + Saatchi

CDs/writers: John Payne, Marcin Markiewicz, Neal Desai, Craig Ross, Joe Hagel, Antonio Marcato

Results: 800% rise in mentions on social media. 332% up in model page visits. The Yaris iA is the full package, so it doesn't need packages. But our target loves add-ons, so we created some. Like the Whole Enchilada package, which comes with an actual enchilada. Or if that package wasn't right for them, we had tons more! And all these packages were actually available on the microsite we created.
We also made a ton of digital ads, Snapchat videos and a Facebook canvas ad. And to spread the word that the Yaris iA was the whole enchilada, we teamed up with Danny Trejo to host the Whole Enchilada Event at Trejo’s Tacos. This was truly an integrated campaign and a lot of fun to work on with a great team.